Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Ice Maker Line Leak

We all love being able to go to the fridge and press the lever or button to get crushed ice and water! Unfortunately as this Woodbridge family found out someti... READ MORE

On the Job

This Woodbridge home suffered a water damage due to the hot water heater leaking while the family was at school and work. Often when hot water heaters leak due... READ MORE

Tenants let your property get destroyed?

Tenants allowed this water heater to leak for months ,before telling the landlord, causing major damage to the home. It is important to maintain inspections of... READ MORE

Carpet Buckling & Rippling

Has your carpet buckled/rippled over time due to cleaning or high traffic? Are you selling your home and do not need to replace the carpet but need it stretche... READ MORE

Sewer Damage due to back up of drain

A main line drain back up created several inches of standing sewage water in this Lake Ridge home. SERVPRO of Dale City/Lake Ridge worked around the clock to re... READ MORE

Washing Machine Caused Water Damage

The customers washing machine continued to run water when the machine was not on - causing water damage on several levels of the home in multiple rooms. Our cus... READ MORE